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Treatment techniques are safe for everyone. Osteopathy is an holistic discipline and so we will often work on areas of the body where you may not be presently experiencing pain. We look at and assess the whole body and treat accordingly.

Patients do not always have to get undressed for treatment, but sometimes it is necessary to look at the spine. Modesty is always foremost on our minds though and you only ever need to get undressed down to underwear if you feel comfortable.

Mother and Child

Tanya offers a support service for mother and baby - from the aches and pains during pregnancy, to postpartum/ caesarean recovery and treatment of the newborn child and mother.

Paediatric osteopathy is a specialist area of study and osteopaths working with children need to have an understanding of the growth and development of a child, and also problems and illnesses that can occur in newborns, infants and adolescents. Cranial osteopathic treatment is often used when treating babies and children as it is such a gentle form of treatment. Structural imbalances in the body are addressed, which then allows for normal growth and development, with an increased capacity for dealing with falls, growth spurts, illnesses.

Children usually respond quickly to treatment as the problems have often not had time to become chronic. The younger the child is seen the better, as this helps to prevent later problems associated with any dysfunction they have.

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Booking An Appointment

Referral from a doctor is not necessary, you can self refer. You may visit an osteopath as a private patient, or if your private health insurance covers osteopathy, it may be possible to claim for your treatment. You will need to ask your insurance company about the available level of cover.

Treatment Costs (From 1 Feb 2016)

 New Patient  R500
 Return Patient  R450
 Children/U16's New  R460
 Children/U16's Return  R420
 Mum and Baby  R800

Payment Methods

Treatment sessions can only be paid by cash or electronif fund transfer (EFT), at the end of each session. If you have health insurance you will be provided with a receipt that you can then submit to the insurance company for repayment.

Cancellations & Missed Appointments

If you need to cancel an appointment, please give at least 24 hours notice. Late cancellations can incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the appointment charge. Not attending an appointment without prior notice will incur the full fee of the appointment.


Off street and on street parking available at both premises.