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Dr Tanya Botha
General and Paediatric Osteopath
BSc (Hons) Ost, MSc Paed Ost.

    Tanya returned from London to her beloved Cape Town in 2011 and set up an osteopathic practice.

    Tanya treats a wide range of problems in adults, from work related repetitive problems to injuries. She also has a special interest in the osteopathic treatment of babies, children, pregnant and post-partum mothers.

    Tanya graduated from the London School of Osteopathy (LSO) in 2006. Osteopathy is a very popular discipline in the UK, with over 5000 registered osteopaths practising.

    The discipline is still relatively unknown in South Africa as there aren't any colleges/schools of osteopathy here, so osteopaths registered in South Africa, have all trained overseas.